Installation View, DNA Artspace, 2015
DNA Artspace, London, ON (2015)

Sean Caulfield (Edmonton, AB); Karilee Fuglem (Montreal, QC); Elida Brenna Linge (Norway); Patrick Mahon (London, ON); David Merritt (London, ON); Tegan Moore (London, ON); and Francine Savard (Montreal, Q.C.).

Organized by Patrick Mahon

The exhibition brought together a select group of artists to highlight ideas and approaches that engage with ‘wind’ via the metaphorical, the phenomenological, and the poetic. At the centre of the exhibition was a selection of artifacts that helped to locate the project in a terrain where artistic concerns and technological experimentation meet. A vast collection of miniature white plastic model buildings used in wind testing at the Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel at Western University in London, Ontario, were be installed as a silent and inanimate spatial poem.


Still, The Wind What Are Artists Doing About The Weather by Patrick Mahon