Installation View, Robert Langen Gallery, 2013
Robert Langen Gallery, Wilfred Laurier University (2013)

Curated by Suzanne Luke

The works in this exhibition continue the artistic investigations involving architectural forms, decorative and analytical patterns, and built structures – to make reference to human connections to shifting environmental conditions. Following upon Chateau d'eau, 2011 (a site-specific work produced at La Maison Patrimoniale de Barthète, in Boussan, France), and Water and Tower, 2012 (Katzman Contemporary, Toronto), this exhibition mobilizes fragile structures and other poetic architectural tropes placed within malleable arrangements to allude to the complexity of the relationship between people and nature/the environment. Here, forms based on images of water towers and on pictures of built supports used in such invasive practices as coal mining (i.e., mining tipples) interplay in abstract arrangements where structures and flows comingle. These materially intense objects, made of printed wood, are meant to suggest a dialogue of forms that transit between printmaking and sculpture, as well as between representation and abstraction. Ultimately, an interest in the potential of aesthetic engagement that leads to speculation regarding social and environmental conditions prevails.

Photography: Dave Kemp