Written on the Earth, Installation View (West Gallery), Claus and Mahon
Written on the Earth
McIntosh Gallery
March - April, 2021

Hannah Claus, Patrick Mahon
Ellen Moffat, Joel Ong
Eeva Siivonen, Matthew Trueman

Dr. Helen Gregory, Curator

Written on the Earth is an interdisciplinary exhibition with its catalyst in an invitation to a group of artists from the Northern Tornadoes Project (NTP), a research team at Western Engineering. Committed to charting the increasingly important evidence of tornadoes throughout Canada, the Northern Tornadoes Project involves data collection and analysis directed towards myriad objectives. The invitation presented the opportunity for these artists to respond to data arising from a specific area of environmental research and to consider how they can contribute to interdisciplinary engagements with pressing contemporary issues, particularly related to the environment, global warming, human/non-human ecologies, and indigenous views on land and stewardship.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue including essays by Dr. Helen Gregory and Paige Hirschey, a discussion between Patrick Mahon and Dr. Greg Kopp (NTP), and creative writing from Lindsay Dawn Dobbin.

"Written on Earth" by Madeline Lennon
"Destruction as Muse"